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Pic-Pet Camera

0.99 usd

Pic-Pet Camera is a perfect tool for those tired/embarrassed of constantly snapping fingers, whistling and mimicking animal sounds to make your pet look at the camera. Pic-Pet Camera allows you to take great photos of your pets quickly and easily with just one press of a button. Instead of taking a picture of your pet dully gazing into space (the distance?), Pic-Pet Camera emits a special sound to attract the attention of your pet and then takes a picture that can truly communicate something great about your pet!
• Take pictures by simply tapping your screen instead of pressing down the camera button: no more wobbly, out-of-focus shots!
• Grab the attention of your pet with five distinct sounds available for each of the two categories: cats or dogs
• Take a ‘selfie’ together with your pet by switching to the front camera of your mobile device
• Set a timer for a group photo or improvise to stage a set
• Share your special moments with others via social networks and e-mail
Tap it, take it, share it!